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Waiting For New 2020 Schedule
We know it will be mostly Cubs, Pirates, Brewers, Cardinals with some Indians, Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Royals. When and Where ? We should know maybe by 4th of July

The Reds had what looked like a good team. Good starting pitching, Good bullpen. Good Defense. Good Hitters.

It will be more like a football season than a baseball season. In NFL if you start 0-3, you are already out. If Reds start with 3 bad weeks, they are out. This is a sprint, not a marathon season. The trick will be to stay in the thick of things early on. This should mean less jacking around with the line-ups. Reds like to use a lot of different players, but it is NOT a 6 month season. All those outfielders should not get equal playing time, save that for next season.

I'll add that there is no minors to send Aquino to for more training and he had a lot of homers in his short time up in 2019. He deserves a look see as Right Fielder or DH......Reds will have a DH, all teams will.

In extra innings they will start inning with a runner on second. They don't have enough season to finish games later. They want extra inning games over faster. Teams will need good pinch runners for this. A smart team will carry a good base runner if he can hit or not. Here is where Billy Hamilton types can win games, going in to run at 2nd in extra innings. If you are allowed to choose the runner at second or take a guy out and pinch run, a super fast extra inning specialist is now needed.

Bring on the new schedule. Around 2 months of baseball and then October play-offs and World Series. GO REDS.

Reds were going to start April injured with Suarez out. That should change. That's huge because Reds need Suarez bat and Castillo on mound these 2 months. IF Joey Votto could just put together 2 months like his MVP years, THAT would be HUGE. He could earn some of that paycheck of last few years with a Big 2 Months to get Reds in Play-Offs.

I like Castillo, Gray, Bauer, Disco, Miley stating 5 in short 2 month season. That is good solid starters every game. That is a Reds strong point over other teams. Add in the pitching coach we got from Brewers who did well for Reds in 2019. 2 months of lights out pitching is needed. Again, GO REDS. Sometimes Reds burn out their bullpen by June, that isn't a worry now either. Use that Bullpen.
1968 Bengal Fan
4th of July, still no schedule...

60 Games.

10 each with Chicago, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, St Louis make 40. To cut travel, could we have 5 game home stands.

That leaves 20 of 5 AL Central, but the math....Only 4 NL Central can play each other at same time. 1 has to play an AL team....So Reds could play 4 AL teams of 5 game home stands. It fits the math. ...So 20 of 4 AL Central teams ???

I like the sound of 5 game home stands and 5 game road stands against NL Central. The math works.

4th of July, thinking baseball, waiting to hear who Reds play and when.
1968 Bengal Fan

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