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Was The Bengal Steelers Game Bad For The NFL ?
For the image they try to cultivate? Yes it's bad for the NFL.

For the fans? No. It's a call to days gone by when it was brutal and violent. Of course, fans still cry when someone gets wrecked.

Who the hell knows.
(12-06-2017, 02:05 PM)kevin Wrote: I saw this question on either ESPN or NFL Network. Thought your comments would be interesting.  We could maybe include 2015 Bengals Steelers Play-off Game to this Monday Night Football Game of 2017 and ask if these are good for an NFL that claims it is interested in player safety and trying to cut down on major injuries. Your response to this TV question one of these sports networks discussed.

I hope more and more people realize this crap is so biased and lose interest.  Although pro wrestling seems to always be popular and it isn't real.
The league claims to care about player safety and yet whenever there's a malicious hit and some player is badly injured what's the league do? They show and broadcast it over and over in slow motion with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back so everyone and their uncle gets to watch it and drool over the inherent violence of it then cheer it on for more.. If it bleeds it leads. That's always been the case and nothing about it is ever going to change.
The league and everyone else knows that the game is extremely violent. There's just no way to get around that simple fact, but yet we're supposed to sit at home and pretend to be apauled by it and at the same time be ready to plop down our hard earned cash to see more and more each and every week..
We're ape men where violence and blood and gore entertain us. That's why they don't play flag football.. Hell, this kind of entertainment has been going on since before the fall of the Roman Empire. If the league could get away with players carrying shotguns and shooting each other they probably would.
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