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Week 2 2009 Antwan Odom Wrecks Aaron Rodgers With 5 Sacks
I forgot about this and just took a fun trip down memory lane.
Then he did nothing for the rest of the year
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
(08-05-2017, 02:17 PM)treee Wrote: Then he did nothing for the rest of the year

Not true; he easily would have eclipsed 18 sacks or so (his pace was something like 23 sacks or around that) and he was so friggin' dominant that year... man, he was always a decent rusher, middling run game guy and he was a man possessed that year, in both facets. Hell, he even beat Joe Thomas for a sack (well, Derek Anderson kinda moved into it, but Odom successfully disengaged).

AND Owen Daniels injured him on an illegal chop block THAT WASN'T CALLED, on a drive where the Texans scored. Man, was I infuriated after that.

Fanene did a good job for the rest of the season, but it wasn't even close to the job Odom did, those first 5 games.
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
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