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Were we all out tank last year?
(03-25-2020, 11:36 PM)Nebuchadnezzar Wrote: Last year was an "Evaluation" year for the new coaching staff to see who would buy in to the new direction and who would half ass it or who was bad.

What we are seeing now is players being replaced with upgrades and holes filled...On the Defensive side anyway...And I pretty positive that this upcoming draft will be heavy Offense with a Linebacker through in here and there.

Sure looks that way to me Neb. Smirk
I don't think they went into the season intentionally tanking at all, but as the season progressed and they started losing game after game and getting beaten on so many fronts it became quite obvious massive changes were going to be in the works and something else happened as they began to realize it.. Joe Burrow began to emerge as the preeminent college QB of a generation. I'm not exactly sure at what point they decided they wanted Burrow and were going to get him, but that point did happen. At the end of the season when it was obvious they had little to gain by winning and a LOT to gain by losing they, well...lost and wrapped it up with beating the Clowns.. To me that last game and beatdown of the Browns was just icing on the cake and gave Andy a little breathing room to find a suitor for a potential trade. Now whether a trade happens or not they WILL draft Burrow unless Mike Brown decides to lose every fan till the end of time and might just end up keeping Andy to teach Burrow a thing or two about a thing or two. I'd rather they trade him, but I doubt they just release him unless someone comes by in FA they can't resist and they end up needing that extra $$ to sign him.
They could do worse things than having Andy around to teach Joe a few ins and outs of QBing in the league. Andy's no idiot. He might be a mediocre QB, but he's no dummy and could offer a wealth of QB knowledge few others can. How that plays out is still anyone's guess.
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