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What if season canceled
I would think that college and pro would both be cancelled and there would be no draft in 2021 at all. If there is no football and it is that bad then colleges would be still out and no need for extra eligibility as they would not be in school. Everything would skip a year and also I would think that in the pros their contracts would skip a year also. Gotta play to get paid.
(03-26-2020, 03:49 AM)grampahol Wrote: It is an odd feeling, one none of us were particularly looking forward to finding out. It greatly depends on what our government does or doesn't do. Right now they apparently only seem to want to throw money at things and lower taxes at the same time. I honestly don't know where the money is going to come from to repay this massive debt. If we're all left in a depression football will feel rather pointless even if it's one of the last things we have to look forward to.
I hope, and I use hope with a bit of reluctance, that this brings us as a nation back together to finally begin thinking of what's actually best for our nation instead of the we vs them mentality we've been seeing in the past several years. Our two party system feels more failed than ever right now and if the super rich walk away even richer while the rest of us have to eat weeds and our pets for dinner I fear we'll be headed for a civil war. The way things are trending I don't feel too optimistic which makes football feel even more frivolous. I was really looking forward to baseball season and that's looking less and less likely. If a depression is what is headed our way I just don't see football stadiums being used for much more than makeshift morgues or shelters to house people or even worse. Look, if we wind up with unemployment hitting around 30% or thereabouts or even worse we're in deep, deep trouble as a nation not to mention the rest of the world.
I don't want to try to make it seem like all gloom and doom because it's possible we do actually come together and start helping each other in ways we haven't been doing much of lately. Families now are feeling panicked and for good cause, but there have been some people really stepping up above and beyond especially in hospitals and such.
I live in an older neighborhood with a lot of elderly people. I'm planning to start knocking on doors soon just to check up on people. Some of them rarely ever step outside even in the best of times and I won't be that shocked to learn several homes have just dead people in them.. Depressing for sure, but I can't sit by idle just waiting for the stench of death to start wafting through the neighborhood. I think about my father, who up until just a few years ago lived alone with his wife. They're both gone now, but there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions as we read these stories of older people terrified to even look at the news much less go out to buy even a loaf of bread. My old man passed away March 11, the very day the WHO declared a pandemic and he was at panic mode even with myself, my wife and my son here to look after him. I can only imagine how terrified a lot of old folks with nobody checking on them are feeling now.

How does this compare with the feeling around the world during the Spanish Flu?  You were there, right?   Tongue
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We should have the #1 again if the season gets canceled. Trevor Lawrence is not going to want to stay in school. Students are still taking online classes so many will graduate. Many fringe guys would probably opt to return to school to play. But highly thought of guys who performed well in 2019 will be eager for an NFL paycheck.

Problem is do we keep Burrow or Lawrence?
(03-26-2020, 10:46 AM)Earendil Wrote: How does this compare with the feeling around the world during the Spanish Flu?  You were there, right?   Tongue

It wasn't even from Spain. Spain got blamed because they were neutral in WWI..
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I think if the NFL and college football shut down this fall, there would be no draft until 2022. In other words, everything just shuts down for the season. But, I think this will be over in a few months.
And the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft goes to...wait there's been a trade!WhoDey2 
Damn, this thread got depressing throughout. Keep your heads up fanatics.
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I agree with the others who ave said if this goes on long enough to have to cancel the season, football will be the least of our worries.

I wonder if they would play in empty stadiums.

Gotta have football for morale. The next epidemic will be cabin fever.

If you do have to cancel it, the repercussions for college and pros would be huge. We're gonna move the well oiled machine and all the links in the chain back an entire year? Yikes. You'd have no choice but use this year's draft order. Then next year you have twice as many guys in the draft?

The chain of events that would be set off would be mind blowing. They're going forward if at all possible.
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(03-25-2020, 10:43 PM)corpjet Wrote: I mean I see your point but I would be that one guy that would renew season tickets!  #HopingForTheBest 

I did renew already though.... Nervous
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(03-28-2020, 09:43 AM)grampahol Wrote: It wasn't even from Spain. Spain got blamed because they were neutral in WWI..

Probably because they feared running into you out in the trenches of No Man's Land...
Stay safe and healthy everybody... Joe
It's looking like we may get to draft Burrow and Lawrence... Lookout NFL.
Stay safe and healthy everybody... Joe
I don't worry about things until they happen. I have enough to worry about at the present moment.
(03-25-2020, 10:25 PM)George Cantstandya Wrote: My guess is that they would just do a random draw/lottery for 2021 draft order if there was no 2020 NFL season.  Of course that would be interesting as well because if there is no 2020 NFL season there probably would not be a 2020 college football season either.  So talent evaluation would be highly limited.  Teams would basically be drafting players based on their 2019 season.

They would probably keep the same draft order as this year - that's how they do it with the supplemental draft.

I don't see any way that they would do a "random" draw and risk the chance that the Chiefs or 49ers end up at #1 overall.

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