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Fumble Out Of The End Zone?
My friend just said that the fumble out of the end zone being a touchback for the defense was the worst rule in sports.

I disagreed and replied that the end zone belongs to the defense, so it's the only way and asked if he had a better answer, to which he replied giving the ball to the offense on the 20 or 30.

It's an interesting idea but I don't know if I agree.

Say the ball is rolling around in the end zone or on the 1 and the defender is about to pick fall on it so the offensive player just swipes it out-of-bounds?

It's a tough rule but I think I agree with it.

Your friend is an idiot then.

It is not, nor will it ever be, the worst rule in football.

The only ones who say that are the folks at PFT and the folks who follow their every word thinking that being football media means they were once involved in the NFL.

The rules have been around forever: fumble outside of your own end zone is a safety, fumble outside the field of play is your ball at the spot of the fumble, and fumble out of the opponents end zone is a turnover. All turnovers in the end zone lead to a touchback, whether it is an interception, fumble recovery, or possession change from a kick.

There's nothing wrong with the rule, and there is no reason to change it.
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I think it’s a good rule as it stands. It’s an interesting discussion about reviewing hits to the head though. Could open up a can of worms, but could be better for the game and player safety.

IMO the Browns would have scored if a foul was called and had first and goal at the one—meaning they’d be in the lead right now. Mahomes getting hurt was karma.

Those two losses to the Browns don’t look so bad right now. If they can improve the lines we can be a lot better next year.
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No doubt that the play should have been flagged for leading with the helmet.
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It's a brutal rule, for sure. You lose the ball and you surrender 25 yards, to boot. You'd probably be penalized less if you murdered someone on the field.
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Worse rule in football to me is the holding call on def. Before punt.. could be 4th and 40 and it is a 1st down.
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