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***SUPER BOWL LVI GameDay Thread - Rams vs Bengals***
(02-14-2022, 12:01 AM)Bronxbengal Wrote: Will it be another 31 years to get here?  I will be dead by then

Nope, you have your quarterback and the defense is solid. Shore up the Offensive line in the offseason and make another run next season. 
(02-13-2022, 11:02 PM)Mike M (the other one) Wrote: Rams missing that PAT looks like it's gonna bite them.

It bit me on my square.
Trai Turner graded out at 69.4. Would have been a good addition at Guard.
went back and rewatched for the first time since sb night. my main takeaway is the same the second time around. burrow really fell short in this game and it cost us the title. he seemed nervous and jittery. missed open throws, didn't see other options. even when the line gave him time, he was still off.

it was sort of like that through the whole playoffs. where was mr. cocky, give me the ball burrow in the playoffs. thank the lord for the defense or they would have been one and done.

i hope he starts taking on more ken anderson type style going on. don't act all act cocky and just get the job done.

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