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This OL Is Garbage
(09-14-2020, 04:13 PM)Isaac Curtis: The Real #85 Wrote: Williams looked decent after a shaky start. Jordan & Hopkins were OK, though Hopkins getting blown up contributed to Mixon's fumble IMHO. Price playing fairly well is a plus.

FWIW, PFF Grades for last game (2019):

LT: J. Williams: 63.5 (n/a)
LG: Jordan: 74.1 (43.7)
C: Hopkins: 67.5 (62.4)
LG: XSF: 75.5 (60.1)
LG: Price 51.7 (41.9)
LT: Hart: 63.9 (57.6)

That’s a hell of an improvement for big Mike.
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In the first half, when he was standing, Burrow had limited time to find receivers. He averaged 2.21 seconds per attempt in the first half, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. That was the quickest of any qualifying quarterback in Week 1.

Second half was improved, for the game he was 2.38.

Cam, Ben, Mahomes are even faster, but I would guess that might be in their playbook (Burrow is #7 shortest right now in Time to Throw).

Josh Allen is the longest at 3.08 seconds. Baker is near the bottom also at 3 seconds flat. I'm thinking Josh Allen is also able to escape contact or it's hard to sack him.

Mahomes has the lowest average completed yards (3.2) and nearly lowest average intended yards (4.7). Seems to be we need to copycat the champs and get Gio type players more involved in open field. Running Mixon into a wall/ground and letting our Defense keep us in games seems like 1990s football.
We neglected to fix our biggest glaring need from last year. The line play was far worse the our problem at linebacker. This is gonna haunt us all year. We’re probably looking to draft a offensive lineman somewhere in the top 10 next year.

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After listening to the Stooler's game last night, they better do something or Watt and Dupree are going to kill Burrow.
Jonah, Hopkins and MJ are quality starters. XSF is hurt but he played solid. Our line is mediocre it's not the dumpster fire we have seen in the past
Just wanted to give big Mike some love for this pancake he had Sunday.

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(09-16-2020, 05:26 AM)Nicomo Cosca Wrote: Just wanted to give big Mike some love for this pancake he had Sunday.

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I like big Mike a lot. He was my forgotten guy and I was crucified for it. Hope he keeps it up the rest of his career here.
The Bengals have guards who can't pull and tackles who can't push.
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(09-13-2020, 09:11 PM)WeezyBengal Wrote: Theyve literally done that in the past and it hasnt worked out. 

This is a good point:

Ogbuehi- Strike 1
Fisher- Strike 2
Price- Strike 3

But, you can't stop trying just because you have whiffed on your most recent draft picks for the line?  Detroit drafted WRs that were huge turds several years in a row (and early!) but then drafted Calvin Johnson.  They need to find a RT that can be a 10 year vet like Willie Anderson.  
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