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Too Soon To Throw In The Towel?
Yes....cause this one dude on here killed a gopher with a stick one time....
[Image: haoRwE.png]
Joined old board in fall of '10.....11k+ posts....28k+ rep, and tossed to the curb....thanks Son of Paul!

[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
The national media are ready to hand the division to the freakin' Browns.  Pittsburgh just lost two premium skill players and is looking weak.  Baltimore has a QB who can't throw the ball and their defense was just gutted.  Some of the premium QBs who are favored to win the superbowl this year are beginning to look like the Crypt Keeper and may have been around since biblical times.  The goal should be to do good, meaningful work day in and day out.  The best teams don't suck for Luck.
The fact that tax payer money is used in Hamilton County to fund Mr. Bedinghaus's and Mr. Brown's salaries is fraud.  

I have been microwaved by the federal government based upon fraudulent activity.  I expect restitution.

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