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Top 10 Free Agent LBs (according to PFF)
(03-11-2019, 01:14 PM)Nate (formerly eliminate08) Wrote: O-line still would be a hole if we don't address it in FA. As much as i like Oliver i still don't think DT is near as big of a need as the right side of the O-line to improve. Billings and Glasgow are decent and should only get better as they are still really young.

Well, they re-signed Hart, so the offensive line will be fine.... Hilarious

The talent at DT is what gives me that desire.  Ed Oliver is a crazy talent.  That guy will only grow bigger and stronger and has a faster first step than anyone I have seen at that position. I can't imagine what it would look like with him and Geno together.  
[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
Mosley is accepting a deal with Jets for 17 a year!
I will admit, many of these contracts that are being given out are freaking insane.

You all know what this increase in ticket prices.
[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
With the Jets signing Barr and Mosley and having Williamson, it may be worth taking a shot on trading for Darron Lee. Be nice to trade a couple of those 6th rounders for some help. Would love to grab Nick Kwiatkoski from the Bears also.
Grab one of those two guys or maybe both and sign Marshall or Fort or someone of that ilk.

was sitting here trying to figure out who this #1 LB was named ben cooper.... lol

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