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Would the Bengals move up in the 2nd RD?
(04-09-2019, 10:40 AM)impactplaya Wrote: If the Bengals elect to go LB DE or OT in the 1st RD....any chances they try to move up in the 2nd RD in the 30s to get their QB?
Every year 1st RD talent gets pushed down in the 2nd RD.
Tobin has said they wont basically move in the 1st RD..but he never mentioned 2nd RD.
this is a young roster.
I just dont see 3 6th RD picks moving 3 players off this roster.
Just ask John Dorsey what moving up in the 2nd RD can land you.

Depends on who they are after and if that player is within reach,the second would be a perfect place to do this and New England would be the target team to trade with or maybe the skins.I would for sure give up all those 6th round picks and just keep one for a kicker.
if your trying to move up in the 2nd might as well try to get pick 31/32 to get that 5th year option

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